Speed Calling

Speed Calling allows you to call selected telephone numbers quickly by dialing an assigned code.

What Speed Calling Does For You:

Eliminates the need to look up or remember telephone numbers.

Saves time when dialing numbers, especially long distance numbers.

Allows fast accurate dialing of emergency numbers.

To Set Up Speed Calling Numbers:

  1. Dial 74# for 1-Digit Speed Calling.  (Codes 2-9)


    Dial 75# for 2-Digit Speed Calling.  (Codes 20-49)

  2. Listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone.

  3. Enter Speed Calling code (2-9 or 20-49).

  4. Dial desired telephone number, depress #, then listen for three beeps.  

  5. Hang up.

To Use Speed Calling:

  1. Dial desired Speed Calling code (2-9 or 20-49), then depress #.

To Change Speed Calling Entries:

Repeat first five steps.



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