Personal Ringing

Personal Ringing allows you to have up to three telephone numbers with unique ringing patterns (and unique Call Waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature.)

What Personal Ringing Does For You:

Allows you to determine for whom a call is intended (children's number or parent's number).

Allows you to determine the type of call (business or personal).

Provides many of the advantages of additional lines, but at a fraction of the cost.

To Use Personal Ringing:

  1. Listen to ringing or tone pattern:
    • Main number - One long ring or tone.
    • Second number - Two short rings or tones.
    • Third number - A short-long-short ringing or tone.
  2. Answer appropriately.



Note:   There are two Personal Ringing options with the Call Forwarding feature:

  • Redirect all calls for the main, second and third number to another telephone number.

  • Redirect only calls for the main number to another telephone number.

  • To use or change these options, contact the telephone company.


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