Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb allows you to prevent incoming calls form ringing at your station.  Only callers who have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can override the Do Not Disturb feature and ring your telephone.


What Do Not Disturb Does For You:

Prevents unwanted interruptions, particularly solicitation calls.  

You can still receive important calls.  Selected callers (friends and relatives) can still reach you by dialing you PIN code.


To Activate Do Not Disturb:

  1. Dial *78, then listen for three beeps.
  2. Hang up.

Note:  When Do Not Disturb is activated, callers will receive a busy signal or an announcement.  At this time, callers who know your PIN may dial and ring your telephone.  


To Cancel Do Not Disturb:

  1. Dial *79, then listen for  three beeps. 
  2. Hang up.

To Set Or Change Your PIN:

  1. Dial *87, then listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone.
  2. Enter PIN (maximum of 7 digits).
  3. Depress #, then listen for three beeps.
  4. Hang up.

    Note:  The selected PIN remains in storage unless you change or delete it.  Deactivation of Do Not Disturb will not erase your PIN.

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